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All Time courier's & Cargo(Pvt.) Ltd. is an ISO Certified Company, professionally managed Couirer's & cargo company with service to jharkhand & Bihar with registered office at Ranchi. We serve 148 destination in Jharkhand and Bihar. An annual turnover of Rs. 750 Lacs with 173 Man Power 45 own Vehicles. We render services to nationalized Bank, Corporate, Companies, Leading computer manufactures and companies who are major leading in their class of industry through our various branches.

Our Services

Our Services


Our storage options provide roomy, safe spaces that guarantee the security of your belongings.


By streamlining your supply chain, we guarantee effective transportation and on-time delivery.


Your goods will be transported with dependability and efficiency by our cargo services, guaranteeing their timely and secure arrival at their destination.


With a fleet of dependable trucks and knowledgeable drivers, our trucking services provide prompt, dependable transportation for your goods.


Our packaging services use premium materials and skilled procedures with an emphasis on the safety and integrity of your goods.


Modern facilities and extensive inventory management systems are provided by our warehouse solutions, which offer safe storage for your inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We deal with a variety of products, such as consumer goods, electronics, industrial equipment, and perishables. Our shipping services are designed with care and precision to handle a variety o f cargo kinds.

We put the security of your belongings first by utilizing safe packaging, hiring qualified drivers, and keeping a fleet of modern cars. Furthermore, we make use of cutting-edge tracking technology to keep an eye on goods in real time and make sure they arrive at their destination without incident.

To guarantee the integrity and safety of the commodities we store, our warehouse facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art climate control and security equipment. With lots of space and effective inventory management tools, we provide our clients a dependable storage option for their inventory requirements.

Getting a quote is simple! Just complete the online form available on our website, or get in touch with our customer support agents directly. Give us specifics about the shipments you need, and we'll give you a quotation that's right for you right away.

Our dedication to excellence, dependability, and client satisfaction sets us apart. We differentiate ourselves as a reliable partner in logistics solutions with our extensive range of services, individualized approach, and commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.